The role of Sample Containers in Safe and Reliable Microbiological Testing

Correct sampling for microbiological processing, transportation, and temporary storage are crucial steps in the isolation of pathogenic microorganisms and form the foundation for the reliability of microbiological testing. In that sense, the selection of appropriate sample containers holds exceptional importance.

Our line of sample containers represents a top-notch solution for all your needs in collecting, transporting, and storing samples. These containers are carefully designed to ensure that samples remain untouched and uncontaminated throughout the entire process They are made of high-quality polypropylene, providing exceptional strength and resistance to external influences, thereby preventing the possibility of damage and leakage

Small Containers

Sample container with screw cap, 100 ml

Small Containers

Sample container with non-threaded red cap, 125 ml

Small Containers

Sample container with threaded red cap, 60 ml.

Small Containers

Sample Container with Spoon, 60 ml


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