Acrylic dispensers

The perfect way to organize and achieve clear visibility of MA-COM products

Acrylic dispensers present a sophisticated and practical option for storing, transporting, and elegantly showcasing products from the MA-COM range. Their multifunctionality and outstanding aesthetics make them an excellent addition to various environments, whether it be cosmetic salons, pharmacies, retail stores, or home settings.

ORGANIZATION AND VISIBILITY: Acrylic dispensers enable perfect organization and visibility of MA-COM products. Their transparent material provides a quick and easy overview of available products, facilitating selection and inventory tracking.

SAFETY AND PROTECTION: In addition to aiding organization, dispensers also provide safety and protection for products. They help preserve items from external influences such as dust, moisture, and contaminants, thereby extending their durability.

Acrylic Dispensers

Medication Tray

Acrylic Dispensers

Medication Tray XL


With our focus on the development, production, and distribution of medical and non-medical plastic products, we strive to meet the constantly growing needs of our customers.

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