Exhibition at EU event “Mali sajam velikih mogućnosti”

Under the slogan ‘Connected through good’ the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina has launched a two-month campaign focused on business and entrepreneurship. The campaign includes a traveling exhibition, celebrating BiH manufacturers and industry in general, with a focus on EU support for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

MA-COM was asked to exhibit some products from its catalog and attend the fair opening in Banja Luka with the other industry representatives and EU Ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Johann Sattler.

We had an opportunity to discuss the industry needs and growth in recent years, while also having in mind the SME impact on the local communities. Our team members stressed the importance of investment in education and the development of in-house know-how, which supports local innovation and economic growth.

In the exhibition, we focused on our medication management line, which we recently upgraded with a €1.5 million investment in a completely automated system, custom developed in Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

We were happy to partake in the project and look forward to having the exhibition come to Herzegovina in the following period.

You can find more information about the project at: https://www.povezanikrozdobro.europa.ba/


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